Unique operation for prostate cancer treatment was done in Bulgaria

On 27 June in Hill Clinic a team of specialists urologists including Iliya Kaltchev, Fernando Sancha, Aurel Yovitu, Alexander Botzevski and Georgi Georgiev performed an unique operation for prostate cancer treatment with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU).

The patient I.V. 75 years old man, with diagnose ‘Well – differentiated prostate cancer’ was successfully operated and discharged next day (28.06.2010) in excellent condition.


The HIFU procedure is the most modern technique for prostate cancer treatment. By using focused ultrasound energy the affected by cancer cells are only destroyed without affecting the surrounding tissue.

The ultrasound beam is concentrated on few millimeters area. The temperature in the focused area reaches up to 70-100 degrees for less than a second which creates an optimal energy for non-invasive therapy with ultrasound picture in real time.

For the first time HIFU allows only the affected area to be treated without affecting the surrounding tissue, nerves, vessels and organs and thus avoiding side effects occurring in the past. In especially complicated cases the bloodless and minimum invasive therapy can be combined successfully with the GreenLight Laser technology.

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