Prostatitis is one of the most spread urologic diseases in men.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland. Main reason for its development is infection of the gland. The infection can appear from the bladder, the urine channel, the colon, the blood vessels and the lymph vessels of the pelvis.


Other predisposing factors are:

  • Cold;
  • Constipation or indigestion;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • continuous sex abstention or the opposite – intensive sex activity;
  • chronic inflammation processes in the organism (such as bronchitis) and chronic inflammation focuses in the organism (such as tonsillitis, caries, etc.);
  • venereal diseases and urologic diseases in the past (gonorrhea, urethritis);
  • all other kinds of conditions that lead to weakened immune system – physical overload, continuously insufficient sleep, inadequate and not regular feeding, chronic stress.

These factors facilitate the penetration of the microbes in the prostate and lead to worse blood flow of pelvic organs, stagnation processes that contribute to breeding of microorganisms and development of inflammation processes.

How do we understand that it is about prostatitis?

Prostatitis can develop suddenly as inflammatory process accomplished with fever, temperature, groin pain and/or in the anal area, painful urination and painful defecation.

In most cases prostatitis is developing in chronic form without significant symptoms. Often the prostatitis is developed as a complication of a chronic inflammatory disease that is sexually transmitted – chlamidia, trichomonas, ureaplasma. After a period of time the prostatitis usually provokes problems with erection because the inflammation process affects the nerves that are in the prostate and are responsible for the erectile function.

The chronic prostatitis causes decreased self-confidence in man – he becomes too irritable and worried.

The chronic prostatitis can be nonbacterial, i.e. the symptoms are apparent without a microbiological agent found. This is the more frequent case in the urological practice. That’s why the antibiotic courses abuse in such patients is non efficient and can only harm the lever and other organs without affecting the real symptoms. These patients are usually depressed, their lives passes in thoughts about their disease. Consultations with psychologist are reported because this condition is permanent.

The prostatitis treatment is continuous and requires maximum collaboration with the patient. Complex therapies are applied for maximum effect. Sometimes they even exclude antibiotics as an instrument and are able to eliminate the unpleasant symptoms as well as to allow the patient to organize his daily life the best pleasant way.

Therapeutic schemes are always on individual basis depending on the duration of the disease, the combination of urinal, pain, sex and other symptoms.

Sometimes the chronic prostatitis diagnose is mistaken with the so called pelvic pain syndrome. Non differentiating the two conditions with different genesis and development leads to disappointment from the treatment both for the patients and the doctors that meet this problem.

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