World Premiere of medical equipment happened in Hill Clinic, Sofia

d290_1606The team of urologists from Hill Clinic: Dr. Alexander Bocevski, Dr. Yulian Kotsev and Dr. Georgi Georgiev, together with Dr. Fernando Sancha – leading surgeon urologist, made the world’s first operation with the second-generation system for prostate enucleation – “Piranha”.

The equipment manufactured by Richard Wolf – Germany is effective and improves quality of the surgery and the comfort both for the surgeon and the patient.

The new system provides a unique alternative for patients with big prostates, for whom the traditional open surgery with the risk of incontinence and complications was the only choice. The operations in Hill Clinic were conducted with spinal anesthesia, and within 40-50 minutes prostate tissue was removed without incisions through the natural body openings.

“I realized that the technique is called Piranha and will happily leave it to “eat” my prostate, which caused so many problems for years,” joked the first patient before the procedure.

German giant “Richard Wolf” chose Bulgaria for the world premiere of their newest product, due to the professional experience of Hill Clinic, where urologists are working more than three years successfully with the Greenlight Laser for bloodless removal of prostatic adenoma.


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