Fungal Nail Laser Treatment


Fungal infections of nails on hands and feet are one of the most common conditions. They cause splitting, thickening, appearance of stains on the nail plate and are often accompanied by an unpleasant odor. If the infection is not focalized, it can be spread to the neighboring nails, causing their deformation and thickening or even to invade the hands and the internal organs. This is due to the lymph and blood flow, which spread them throughout the body. In a very advanced stage, surgical removal of the nail may be necessary, which is associated with a lot of pain, and it can take up to a year for it to grow again.

Hill clinic’s approach to the healing is complex – a small sample of the affected nail is taken, the cause of the infection is laboratory examined, treated with laser and ending with a medical pedicure / manicure. Laser therapy is performed with a DEKA apparatus (last model Synchro FT laser system). The laser energy penetrates deeply and focused in the problem area, striking the cause of the infection without affecting the tissues. The combination of mechanical care with laser therapy ensures extremely good results, difficult to achieve with medical treatment.

The laser acts locally in depth, saving the use of oral anti-fungal medications for 3-5 months! Restoring to the nail requires several procedures.

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