Dermatological innovation Light Filling ™

Dermatological innovation Light Filling ™

Many factors – age, stress, hormonal imbalance resulting of birth or menopause, sun, smoking, and careless lifestyles cause aging of the skin. Uneven tan, wrinkles and damaged surface create dark areas on the face. It looks tired and faded

How can we solve the problem?

The new Light Filling achieves deep regeneration and shine and represent an intermediate therapy that has got the best of the filler and mesotherapy techniques.

Who can benefit from the innovative Light Filling ™ Dermatological Care?

Ladies and gentlemen of any age who want to delay aging, fight wrinkles and fine lines and enjoy a healthy toned and shiny skin.

At what intervals should Light Filling ™ be used?

To achieve an optimal effect this rejuvenating therapy should be regular and repeated over a three-week interval in a series of 2 to 3 times a year. It can be combined with hyaluronic fillers and other cosmetic treatments. It has excellent results after prolonged sun exposure or when a quick rejuvenating effect for a special occasion is aimed.

For which areas is the procedure recommended?

Light Filling ™ is suitable for the face, neck and the particularly delicate skin of the neckline, often unfairly neglected in traditional therapies.

What is the effect of the procedure?

Smooth and radiant skin with an even tan and natural appearance. Restored contour and natural, soft facial expression.

Consultations with aesthetic dermatologist are free of charge. Consultations are by appointment only and can be arranged at the reception desks or by telephone +359 2 439 3131.

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