Vela Shape – reduction of the signs of cellulite

Unique high-tech method that combines the mechanic influence, vacuum, infrared light in the specter from 700 to 2000 nm and the bipolar radio frequency.

This is dermatological non-surgery procedure where through heating of the skin the sub derma fat tissue is affected and the re-growth of collagen is stimulated.

The heat energy penetrates deeply in the skin, increases the metabolic processes in the fat tissue and decreases their size, stimulates the re-growth of the collagen and elastic fibres.

The mechanic action improves the drainage of the inner cell liquids to the lymph system.

The uneven areas gradually disappear and the surface of the skin becomes smoother. It forms and re-designs and contour of the body. A specially developed programme Body after Baby is for recovery after delivery. It provides dramatic results without downtime or significant discomfort.