4D ultrasound scan with Philips HD11 XE

Take a look at the baby you are expecting in real image!

HD-11XE-500x500-246x2464D ultrasound is a unique diagnostic method in gynecology.

4D ultrasound scans are becoming a common practice both in pre-natal care and during pregnancy.

The appearance of 4D ultrasound is a huge step ahead in medicine.

The benefits of this type of ultrasound are significant. It is easy for a doctor to see the development of the baby (face, spinal column, limbs) and diagnose and curtail any problems early during the pregnancy.

Doctors can identify abnormalities that are unnoticed by other types of scans.

With the 4D ultrasound future parents can not only see the sex of the child but they can also see in real time how their baby moves, turns and smiles.It is amazing that you can even see it yawning, how it swallows water or sucks its thumb. The 4D ultrasound gives the opportunity your child to be seen on a picture resembling a photo as well as to record the baby moves on a video. The 4D ultrasound results can be printed on paper with attached photo or on CD/ DVD.