After birth recovery

After birth our body recovers with the right diet regime.

In the life of all young mothers there is a moment when they stop breastfeeding and concentrate on how to be fit again. During birth a woman loses about 6 kg of her weight. During pregnancy they put on weight much more. The recovery after birth is different for each woman – some lose weight very fast  and even become slenderer with no efforts, some put on weight more. This depends on the way of life as well as the hormones condition. Because of weight every woman think of a diet regime that will help her to be in good shape fast and safe.

What really happens? A woman is trapped in the information network, various types of methods to lose weight and diets promising fast results. She first tries one then another, she combines them and the desired result is not achieved or if there is some result it is for a very short period. And here comes the question how to choose a diet that will recover our figure without harming our health? Hill clinic has a specialized department Dietology that is dealing with the problem of excess weight after pregnancy and birth. Consultations are made with specialist – dietologist and can be combined with dermatologist and kinesiotherapist.

The complex approach that combines the achievements in dietology with the special dermatological procedures and physical training can guarantee fast and effective figure recovery.

How an individual diet regime is prepared in Hill Clinic?
The diet regime is prepared after a detailed analysis of the eating habits, way of life, taste preferences.

First, the individual parameters are considered:

  • calculation of the nutrition facts of an ordinary food;
  • Anthropometric measurements;
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) is defined;
  • calculation of the body composition – % fat, % water, muscles in kilos, visceral tissue, mineral bone substance, metabolic age, level of physical activity, main metabolism.


Afterwards, a lab tests are prescribed that will value the health condition, show the individual characteristics and will be a base for a personal diet regime. Of a great importance is the tests for food intolerance which identifies food towards which there is a negative response of the organism.

What are the advantages of a personal diet regime?

You are not constantly thinking of food

This is the most important – you do not suffer of uncontrolled feeling of hunger when you can not self-restrain excessive food intake. Feeling for hunger comes form time to time but is something that you can cope with.

You lose weight

In first days, this process is very fast after which gradually slows and stops with time.

After 2 weeks you feel ease and fresh

You have the feeling that your body is becoming younger. You are in a better mood. You have a higher work capability

You have at most come to your ideal weight and you successfully sustain your weight

For an unconditional effect you can combine your diet regime with Vela shape procedures that will remove the cellulite and sculpture the contours of your body from 2-10cm. As a result the skin is smooth, the muscles tone is better, fat depot removal, collagen and elastin production activates. What better solution of get rid of the excess weight and to enjoy motherhood in perfect shape?

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