Therapy of capillary and varicose veins

The technology has a wide range of possibilities for skin appearance improvement.

It is very effective for:

  • pigment spots and freckle removal;
  • cicatrice removal;
  • treatment of varicose capillary.


How ELOS works

Light (intense impulse and laser) is selectively absorbed by skin structure that contains chromophore (melanin, hemoglobin) – blood vessels, pigment spots, collagen. It affects the structure and is transformed into thermal energy thus increasing the local temperature in these areas.

The skin resistance is decreased; the skin became radio-waves conductor. The energy of the radio-waves passes through the skin from one electrode to the other, soft, without harming the skin, it warms it up at 4-5mm depth and destroys structures that absorb light energy.

The undergoing local thermolysis leads to the desired outcome – pigment and vessels spots gradually lighten and disappear; vessel walls are stuck together because of the high temperatures thus restoring the normal blood transfer and blood vessels disappear. Due to light energy and the radio waves effect on collagen skin becomes more elastic, smooth and the large pores shrink.

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