I know that I’ve the best for me

d290_609Ivan Ivanov, 78 years old, Pavel Banya, treated with Greed laser in Hill Clinic

I had an operation with the GreenLight laser in 2009. I had a big prostate volume – 198ml. It was such an inconvenience regarding urination. I woke up 4-5 times during the night. I had urinary difficulty.

On the other hand I had suffered infarction and insultus attack and I have haigh blood pressure. I have diabetes and an open operation was contraindicated for me.

The operation itself went very easy, it was bloodless and there were no unpleasant sensations. Now I wake up only once during the night. I have no urinary difficulty.

I recommend the GreenLight procedure to all men who need a safe prostate treatment. I am happy that I had done the best for me.