Treatment of Phimosis in Hill Clinic

Phimosis is the inability to retract the foreskin of penis over the shaft due to a narrow opening. Usually it is inborn but can be also  a result from infection.

In case of real phimosis except the inability to retract the foreskin of penis other complications appear also and they are in first place secondary as a result of often repeating inflammations of the foreskin. They are caused by different infections that lead to injury and narrowing of the foreskin.

Main reasons for visiting a specialist are urination difficulties and swelling of the foreskin. In most cases, they are more often then the regular occurrence of balanoposthitis (infection-inflammatory illness of the glans and the foreskin of the penis.

Reasons for phimosis

Phimosis starts with infection of the foreskin. If an adequate treatment of the infection is not applied it spreads and the foreskin starts to swell. As a result it is so swollen that it is impossible for the glans to retract.

Phimosis as a result from often repeating infections like balanitis is connected with poor hygiene. Bacteria start to breed under the foreskin of the penis glans. The delicate tissue is a subject of constantly repeating process of partial healing and infectious inflammation which leads to expansion of the tissue, tightening, roughening and lost of elasticity. The rough tissue presses the penis glans and is tightening the infected skin as well as the peripheral skin around it. At the same time healthy skin near by is also infected. Thus the infected area is expanding.

Symptoms of phimosis are reddening, swelling and pain of the foreskin.

The phimosis can be diagnosed after an examination by a specialist-urologist.


Some men get used to the chronic irritation, reddening and swelling. They rarely go to doctor, only when the pain and the smell are unbearable.

For prevention of infection antibiotics are applied (combination of medicines).  In case they can not help small sections are done to release the glans.

Circumcision is applied when the inflammation is not active. Most often hospitalisation is not necessary, the patient is going home the same day.

The most modern way for circumcision is with laser, sections are very precise, there is no bleeding and the final result is very aesthetic.

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