Treatment of Urethral Stricture

The urethral stricture is a narrowing of the urethra caused by injury or disease.

1-2% of man and 0,5-1% of women suffer from stricture. The process begins with damaged urethral mucosa, damaged surrounding tissue and following stricture.

Patients with established stricture have complaints varying from mild discomfort during urination to impossibility to urinate.

Main reasons are: traumas of the genitals, urinal infections, transurethral manipulations (as prostate operation, long-term use of catheter, instrumental examinations of the urethra), malignant process.

Most spread symptoms are: weak urine flow, pressure, deflected urinary stream, Incomplete emptying of the bladder. In some cases there is thin urine flow or even urinary terminal dribbling, the urination is long, and acute retention of urine is possible. In these cases it is recommended to consult with doctor immediately because these urinary disorders go along with other genital and urinary diseases.

In Hill Clinic we effectively treat urethral strictures urethroplastics. Due to this modern plastic and reconstructive technique the damaged area is replaced by a healthy tissue. Thus the urethral stricture is corrected and the normal passability is recovered, the urination is returning to normal.