Penile implants

Penile implants (prosthesis) or phalloplasty

Penile implants are artificial devices that are implanted in the penis and allow men with serious potency disorders to have erections and enjoy an adequate sex life.

Usually they are part of a therapy when all other methods of the modern sexual medicine are tried.

In some cases penile implants are used to treat Peyronie’s disease – condition where there is abnormal curvature of the penis when erectand the erection itself can cause pain.

In Peyronie’s disease or the so called Induratio penis plastica the anatomy of the erectile system of the penis is disordered – the area of the corpora cavernosa which are 2 balloons that lie along the penis shaft. Their fast and effective filling up provides the erection and pressing the vein vessels above them – provide the stability of the erection.

For patients it is important that the implants put:

  • Allow erection whenever they want and as long as they wish
  • Are absolutely discrete – they can not be found and felt by the sex partner.
  • Keep the sensitiveness of the penis and the orgasm in men because they don’t affect nerves.
  • Keep the normal ejaculation – i.e. the ejection of the sperm and these men can have children.
  • Don’t affect the desire for sex, it is even just the opposite, a re-motivation is observed – increase of the libido because of the freedom and the ease to have erection and adequate sexual intercourse.
  • Are for always and are not changed at all, the modern types allow 20 millions cycles of erections.

2 types of prosthesis are applied:

  • Pneumatic (Inflatable) prosthesis, also called hydraulic. With these implant a special pump is fitted that allows provoking erection at any moment man wants.
  • Semi-rigid prosthesis – with these implants the erection is manually provoked and there is no pumping mechanism.

First penile implants are dating from the 70s of 20th century and are thought to be the most promising method for erectile dysfunction treatment before the appearance of substances that have this effect when they are injected into the penis immediately before the sexual intercourse. In 90’s medicines appear that are taken orally and became the most popular method for erectile dysfunction treatment. Other type of therapy is the injections of a combination of medicines directly into the penis when oral substances are ineffective. But the treatment with medicines is not able to help to all men with ejaculation problems most often because of the contra-indications for their use. Phalloplastyis recommendedin cases where other methods can not achieve the effect wanted.

The implantation is done by andrologic surgery operation with cosmetic stitches and most often the access is down and behind testicles. Usually the anaesthesia is spinal and the patient can be conscious, the post-operative period is easy and the hospital is left on the next day.

Sex can be done after 3-4 week.

Implantation is a method of treatment of serious erectile dysfunctions after accidents in young men, serious form of diabetes or anatomy conditions where the vein drainage from the corpora cavernosa can not be stopped and erection can not be stabilized.

The penile implants are final solution for every man who wants to have normal sexual life and when other methods don’t help. They provide potency for whole life absolutely independent of aging.

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