Urinary disorders prevention

A healthy person can successfully control the process of urination even if the bladder is overfilled. In good health condition:

  • for 24 hours period a persons’ urine is about 1500 ml, i.e. about 75% of the liquids taken – the rest 25% are excreted through the lungs, skin and stomach
  • the urination frequency is about 4 to 6 times per 24 hours
  • the bladder capacity is 250-300ml and is completely empty with each voiding


In particular cases everyone of us had an urinary problems.

Difficult urination, incontinence, pain and burning during urination, frequent need to urinatethese are the main symptoms for urinary disorders.

For each one of them there is a particular reason related to anatomic changes or healthy problems.


Among the most spread diseases connected with urinary disorders are:

  • prostate gland adenoma
  • incontinence (urineleakage)
  • prostatitis
  • cystitis
  • urinary infections

It is important to say that urinary disorder in man and women are caused by different things but in both cases are for long ignored and this is leading to additional complications. If you suffer from unpleasant feelings regarding urination do not postpone meeting urologist! Do not try to solve problems by yourself! This is a serious mistake because it is possible symptoms to disappear but and the disease to transform in some hidden form and to continue to harm organs.

Hill Clinic has a modern equipped urological ward where we successfully treat urinary disorders. After a precise complex urological examination specific informative tests will be appointed – post void residual urine test + total urine analysis – that will define the cause, the stage and the type of the disorder. After analysis of the results is made our specialist will appoint a complex treatment depending on the type of the problem and your individual condition.

To enjoy life!